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Splatoon 3 is a game released in the Splatoon series as the third entry. It features new game modes, maps, weapons, gear, and more.


Hero Mode

After 3 years of the events of Splatoon 2 and 5 years of the world of Inkopolis, the player moves to a new hub known as Inkopolis Downtown, which is similar to Inkopolis Plaza from the first game and Inkopolis Square from the second game. The Squid Sisters were seperating due to their growing solos. The Great Zapfish and Trixie, are missing. In Octo Bottom, Pearl becomes Agent 5, Marina becomes Agent 6, callie and Marie become agents 1 and 2, and the player becomes Agent 7 the New Squidbeak Splatoon to help Belle find Trixie. Eventually, Trixie the Halloween fairy joined the Octarians after being brainwashed by DJ Octavio. However, Belle’s Grizzco Roller breaks the mind control and brings Trixie to their senses. The Squid Sisters, Agent 5, and Agent 6 sing Calamari Inkantation and Fly Octo Fly, both in one song, then the two duos continue their singing career.

Octo Expansion 2

Octo Expansion 2 takes place before the events of the game. You play as Agent 18, an amnesiac Octoling who wakes up, finding themselves in an underwater facility along with Pearl, who has separated from Marina. There are Mem Cakes that you get when you complete a level, and they bring back your memory. There are four levels that have "thangs" in them. When there is one more "thang" to find, Pearl will make a poster of the loser of the Marina and Darcie Anns. Once all thangs are found, you will go in the thing which is all thangs combined, then you are about to get killed, but Darcie will punch the telephone to set you free, but pass out. When you see Darcie Anns after the escape, She will get her mind hijacked by the remains of the telephone as well as Marina, who got brainwashed. Near the end of the battle, Pearl breaks Marina's mind control by shooting her Hero Dualies at her to bring her to her senses. Darcie will return to normal once she is defeated. Then you encounter a repaired and reprogrammed Commander Tartar ready to attack Inkopolis with a human statue, which will be defeated by Marina's Hyperbombs and Pearl's Princess Cannon. There is a secret boss battle against Dark Sun Darcie Anns, which can be unlocked after finding all the Mem Cakes and completing the escape.


  • Over Flow - A pop star duo consisting of two Inklings that host news in Inkopolis, but are often interrupted by the Octo Sisters. Their catchphrase is "If the tide is low, let it overflow!"
    • Canta - The member with an English accent.
    • Brian - The member with an American accent.
  • Octo Sisters - A rock star duo consisting of two Octolings that interrupt Over Flow's broadcast
  • Arika - The quieter, calmer member who has a slow, low-pitched voice.
    • Yaki - The louder, more excited member who has a fast, high-pitched voice.
  • Judd - A sleepy cat who roots for the Good Guys.
  • Li'l Judd - A younger Judd who roots for the Bad Guys.
  • Sheldon - A horseshoe crab who is the shopkeeper of the weapon store. He also helps the player in Hero Mode.
  • Stella - A sea star who is the shopkeeper of the headgear store.
  • Goldie - A goldfish on top of Stella's head.
  • Jelronzo - A jellyfish who is the shopkeeper of the clothing store.
  • Larry - A lobster who is the shopkeeper of the shoe store.
  • Crusty Sean - A prawn who sells food at the snack truck.
  • Bisk - A spider crab who sells drinks at the snack truck.
  • Squid Sisters - A pop star duo who appears in Octo Bottom.
    • Callie - The member who helps the player in Hero Mode.
    • Marie - The member who helps the player in Hero Mode.
  • Off the Hook - A pop star duo that appear in Octo Expansion 2. They appear as Agents 5 and 6 in Octo Bottom.
    • Pearl - The member who is also known as Agent 5 in Hero Mode, and helps the player in Octo Expansion 2.
    • Marina - The member who is also known as Agent 6 in Hero Mode, and has gone missing and got brainwashed by Commander Tartar in Octo Expansion 2.
    • Special Fairies - a fairy duo that appears in octo bottom.
    • Belle - The member who helps the player in hero mode.
    • Trixie - the member who had gone missing and got brainwashed by DJ Octavio in hero mode,


  • In Octo Expansion 2, Darcie will be covered in bandages during the end credits.
  • Trixie is brainwashed by the Octarians because she is wearing the hypnomask, a white facemask with a white LCD screen on it. The screen emanates the same patterns as the hypnoshades in Splatoon 2.
  • There is a different character customization screen in Octo Expansion 2, where the playable Octolings are naked and covered in slime in a testing lab. In the gender selection, their eyes are closed and they stand still, then in the skin tone customization, their eyes are one quarter open and they move a bit, in the hairstyle customization, their eyes are half open and they move slightly more, next in the eyes customization and they move even more, their eyes are three quarters open, and finally, in the confirming section, their eyes are fully open and they move constantly. 
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