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Hello, Splatoon fans! And welcome to Splatoon Fanon Wikia, a fanon Wikia website dedicated to fan works and ideas of Nintendo's Splatoon franchise, created by you.

ThINK something creative, stay fresh and have fun!

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This is a Wiki where you can create fanon. Have fun!

DISCLAMER: This is A Fanon Wiki, meaning it is from the imaginators minds. But if it all goes fanon, this will be a perfect Wiki!

Rules Edit

  • No cursing/swearing
  • No vandalizing
  • No pornographic pictures/text and other bad stuff
  • No bullying/harassing on comments and blogs
  • Make the ideas whatever you want, but please make sure to stick with Splatoon theme
  • Follow these rules or else you'll be blocked/banned. Good luck
  • tommy must be feed every 24 hours or else he will die, good luck
  • the "tommy" must not be exposed to any splatoon woomy furry things because with our countless years of reasearch, we have found the end to world hunger, which is stopping tommies fetish (insert lenny face)

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